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Saluting the Spirit of the Ladies of The Red Hat Society!

Home Red Hat Boutique

Visit me at my Life After Fifty forum!

Click on History  to find out the ENTIRE history of the Poem and how it has effected Women in America!

This page is dedicated to the Red Hat Society Ladies around the World who provide me with pictures to share with other Societies on one page.  It encourages me to see the smiles on these wonderful ladies and to see what they are doing at the club meetings, outings, soiree, teas, luncheons, and other activities.

Click on the pictures to enlarge!                                                          Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Ruby Hat Butterflies of Hartsville South Carolina
Ruby Hats PJ Party                                   The Papillion Queen in Purple

         Ruby Hats in January                                Queen Claudia came to visit and play

Oh yes, if you haven't seen ENCHANTED  you must!!!  That's what we did at our party. FUN!!  

Red Hat Scarlett Sisters of Saugus, MA

Queen is Marie H
Red Hat Scarlett Sisters Third Year Anniversary Supino's Restaurant Feb. 7, 2009

The Ladies of Lakeland,  Cumbria U.K.

Found your Website by accident.


We are a relatively new chapter in Cumbria U.K.  Called THE  LADIES  OF  LAKELAND


attached are some of our photos



Thank you so much for the outfits.  Our outing was today and I received the package Thursday.  I was (and am) absolutely thrilled.   Thank you so very much, Doris



Click on pictures to enlarge!

Red Hat Weekend Indian Head New Hampshire - 2008

I'm the one with the blond hair...
again woman being woman soooo much fun...





Click on pictures to enlarge

Some ladies really know how to wear a hat!  Rosemarie out of Monroe, New York is fashion savvy in her formal purple dress.  Her crowning glory is the Titanic Style Hat Number RRBYC1632!  She looks fabulous!  You will never guess her age.  Also shown in her lovely red outfit with the Red Victorian Shawl and the purple hat #RRBYC532PU and the RED Parasol #RRBYC6220ST.

Last photo (bottom, right) is Rosemarie in RRBYC1630!  Just stunning!

Beauty is timeless, don't you think.  

Ruby Hat Butterflies, Hartsville, SC
Reduation Party



      Lady of the Day Princess Moo!      Papillon Queen Chris & Princess Moo             Changing of the Hats!


Dora's Desert Red Hat Doll'ns, California

Queen Mary and little Princess Tiffany

Note from Queen Mary:

I just had to write and tell you how many compliments I received on my beautiful "Carol Channing Hat!"  I wore it to our Christmas Brunch and a Christmas play after that.

Ruby Hats Butterflies of Hartsville, chapter # is 39372

Click on the picture to enlarge

Great Smiles

Chris is in the back with the picture in front of her face!

The Hip Hotties of Hattitude of Kennesaw Ga

Queen Blazing Strawberry Blonde ( Liz ) 


Kiss-IM-Mee Red Hat Ladies Orlando, FL

Lake Texaoma Red Hat Ladies, Platter. Oklahoma

We visited a wholesale warehouse on the only day they are open to the public to tour AND the next day all the gorgeous poinsettias were sent to retail businesses.  The one with Queen Mother Beverly with the pen in her hand is Mary Kay's office on the 13th floor in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you so much!  We are just having a ball with every Red Hatter we can find and usually join 3 or 4 chapters on our outing.  That's how we had dinner across two states.

Roaming Red Hat Mamas' of Centerville/Albia, Iowa
Queen Mother Rose Haskell of the Roaming Red Hat Mamas' of Centerville/Albia, Iowa. Ready for the big Pancake Day Parade.
Morehead Red Hatter, Morehead, Kentucky!

They are at it again!!

Morehead Red Hatters........ Morehead, Kentucky. The Morehead Red Hatters in the Morehead State University Homecoming parade. 2005. Everyone had a ball!!!!!!

Red Hat Society Chapters Giving
I made some donations in our name to help out!  It was a great morning at the Armory in Hartford.

Morning folks from WTIC with Papillon Queen with donations for Hurricane Katrina

Chris is the Queen of the Ruby Hat Butterflies in Connecticut.

Red Hat Chicks of Murfreesboro, Tn Chapter 31836

Standing left to right
Nancy, Vice-Queen, Connie, Virginia D
Julia, Judy S and Annette, Queen Chickie

Queen Chickie Annette sent in the pictures


Red Hat Mamas of Erie

Diana Giannelli - Queen Mum

181 Chapter Members Strong!  Can't wait to see the pictures!  Visit their website for info regarding THE RED HOT SIZZLIN' WEEKEND #3
April 21-23, 2006

Red Hat Mammas Red Hat Society


North Carolina Red Hats

North Carolina Red Hat Cowgirls!

Texas hasn't got anything on the North Carolina Red Hats!  These ladies got the idea after attending a Red Hat Society Convention in Dallas last year.  Five from Peggy Carter's chapter attended the convention and saw the "Menopause, The Musical" while there.  After these ladies make their entrance and their outfits are described at the fashion show, they mime three songs from that musical.  Hilarious!  They are doing this for a senior citizen group in their area.  They have 18 other lades who are in the fashion show.

Thanks to Peggy Carter (middle Diva in the picture)

New Hampshire Red Hat Society

Click on the button to find out about the Rubilee to be held September 24th and 25th, 2005 in Waterville Valley, NH

New Hampshire Red Hat Society Rubilee


Daring Audacious Yakety-Yaks

May 21, 2005 Red Hat Party at Wilma Day's

Members of the Daring Audacious Yakety-Yaks in attendance were:  Beth Davis - Betty Wilkinson - Cherry Sigafoos & Rhonda Burke. (Rhonda left before the pics were taken.)

Joining the Chapter were The Queens of the Queens Only Chapter "The Royal Crown Jewels."
Gloria Roach, Doris Sawyer, Kathy Huntsman, Nina Childress, Sheryl Proctor, Wilma Day.

Gloria is vice-queen of the Razzle Dazzle Ruby Chapeaux - I do not know the chapter name for Doris' chapter as she just recently joined ... Kathy is the Queen of the Lone Star Roadrunners ... Nina is the Queen of the Razzle Dazzle Divas ... Sheryl is the Queen of The Wining Jewels and my chapter is the Daring Audacious Yakety-Yaks.

Note from Cresa:  These ladies were the most fun and welcoming group I have had the pleasure to meet!  Laughter abounded and each lady brought her on personal humor to the group!  If you look in the dictionary under graciousness, I am sure you will see a picture of the women!

You will have to ask one of the ladies the story behind this picture!

Queen Wilma was a very gracious hostess with her home decorated and treats prepared (we even got the recipes!). It was apparent the time Queen Wilma put into planning the party!

Remember to support your chapters!


Rockin' Robins Houston, Texas

Some of the Ladies at Dinner and a Play 4-23-04

Greatest Group of Ladies!!!  I even joined the chapter!!


Houston, Texas 77049
Rockin' Robbin Red Hat Society

Queen Kathleen Shimp
Love,Laugh and Live......
That is what we do best here ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Hudson Valley Violets (Registered in Greenwood Lake, New York 10925).

  Queen Carol (left), Empress Arabella (right),   and Snowball (mascot)

To visit their website click on the button   Hudson Valley Red Hat Society

Here are three representatives of the Hudson Valley Violets (Registered in Greenwood Lake, New York 10925).

The snow leopard is our toy 4' long mascot named "Snowball." I am on your left, I am Queen Carol Ann of the Order of the Feathers (also known as Lady Tiffany and Penelope Plume on the QMB). Our Vice Queen Rosemarie of the Order of Glitz, Glamour, and Elegance (also known as Empress Arabella) is on your right.


Divine Red Hat Divas, Arlington, Texas

Paula Carlson sent this picture in!  Thanks Paula!!!

Here is a group picture of some of the Divine Red Hat Divas of Arlington, TX.  (Of course, I'm wearing the pink hat.)  We "invaded" the Parks Mall in Arlington, along with several other chapters, to celebrate Red Hatters Day.
























































































































































































































































































































































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